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The Limfjord bear the mark of history.

Here is some of the most stunning medieval churches, where Vestervig Church is the largest. The many local museums and specialty museums tell their own small part of the story that unfolds around the fjord.

Several authors have lived their lives in relation to the fjord. It can be a fine idea to visit the library and borrow some Limfjords writers on holiday.

Also now a days you can be inspired by the fjord water and the beautiful scenery.

A visit to the fjord offers good experiences with local artists.

Good ideas might be:

Jegindø - Fywerhus" (a small fishing museum) - 10 km

Søndbjerg Museum of Local History - Apotekergaarden - 3 km

Brittas Ceramics - 1 km

Struer Museum

Gallery Humlum

Hjerl Heath - Vinderup

Mønsted Limestone Mines
- The world's largest limestone mine


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